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For Inner Peace and Paradise:

Embrace Islam

for Islam is the truth, even if you don't think so!

Are You Unaware of a Profound Truth?

Your life might be going well, but you may be completely unaware of a profound truth: the existence of life after death – the hereafter. We are here to provide evidence of this truth, including the realities of Paradise and Hell. True peace begins with understanding the true nature of the hereafter and knowing the right path to success. When you follow the correct path and act upon it, it leads to enduring peace with God, the Creator.

Take the Proven Path to Paradise

There is a path to eternal life in Paradise, and we invite you to explore how this path is laid out through Islam and belief in God (Allah). This journey of discovery is entirely free and rooted in seeking the truth. Understanding and embracing this guidance can lead to eternal happiness and fulfillment.

Allah, the Creator, revealed the Quran as His final message to all humanity. This divine guidance calls for belief in one God, who has no son or partner, and following His final messenger, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), to attain God's love, mercy, and eternal life in Paradise.

Seek the Truth, Follow Islam

We encourage you to ponder over this matter and seek the truth with an open heart before your last day on Earth. Embark on this journey to uncover the profound truths that can transform your life and secure your place in the hereafter.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH*) was given Countless Signs/Miracles - so that we can recognize him  

Yes, that's right. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh - peace be upon him) was given so many miracles that we even can't count. But Quran is the only living miracle. Every year numerous non-Muslims witness these miracles and realize what lies ahead for them, and thus become Muslim. Truly it is now your turn to explore some of these miracles and open up to the possibility of being saved.

(*pbuh - Peace be upon him)


Signs Of Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH)

Explore & Learn

Knowledge is the key to success, accepting truth upon verification is the success!
Visit a Mosque

Calling you again to the ultimate truth. Get to know, really get to know the real purpose of life. Visit us in the mosque. Ask all questions you have. 

Why Do I need Islam?

Islam has a message that is unparalleled to any other message. Islam gives you the inner peace and success in this life and hereafter.  

Quran is Allah's literal words

Quran is not a human work, it is divine. Quran has been protected from corruption - no human has changed the Quran. Let us show you some Quran Miracles to get started.

Who is Allah?

The Creator, The Sustainer of heavens and the Earth and all that exists. He is the Most Merciful and controls everything. He has no partner, no son or daughter and He is so self sufficient that He does not need any of that. He will resurrect us after we our death for final judgement.

What is Islam?

Islam is to believe in Allah and His final Messenger Muhammad (sws) and submit to the will of Allah and be at peace with Him and with His creation. Islam is the final religion that Allah has sent to mankind. The teachings of Islam will be there till the end of time. There are many signs of his prophethood.

Who is Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final Prophet and Messenger in a series of  thousands of prophets. Allah sent His final message to mankind as Quran and Hadiths to be followed to become successful in the hereafter 

Are you an Atheist?

You could be an atheist, because you don't have the correct information. The sign of a Creator/Designer is everywhere. Even Stephen Hawkins did not deny that. 

If you explore Islam and the signs of prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) thoughtfully, your atheism will be challenged. So we ask you to explore Islam thoughtfully and deeply.

Are you a Christian?

The Christian doctrine - that Jesus is God, is not from Jesus. That doctrine is from St. Paul and made official by King Constantine in around Year 325 AC, as per History. Read about Council of Nicaea and corruption of divine theology therein.

The concept of Trinity was never a part of what Jesus taught his disciples.

Jesus was a Muslim! 

Jesus never said " I am God, worship me". He believed in Oneness of Allah and submitted to Allah's will. Thus he was a Muslim. He called God in Aramaic language 'Elaha' - close to Arabic word 'Allah'

Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel, and he also gave the good news of the coming of Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the final prophet. 

Are you a Hindu?

Are you a Hindu? Come and learn about Islam to know that there is only one God (Allah). Even Vedas has verses to say there is only one God, not many gods. Rigveda commands the Hindus to worship Allah alone.

Moreover the advent of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as the final religious teacher, has been prophesized in Hindu Scriptures too!  

Life after death - The Hereafter

 Life after death is a fact, not a fiction! Paradise and Hellfire are real and not figments of imagination.  Islam is the way to attain eternal life in Paradise. False paths and disbelief in Allah (God) lead to ultimate loss. We stand by our position with proofs upon proofs. Ask us, verify the truth and accept. This Life is ending soon, THEN WHAT? Reflect and Act!
Your Life is Precious - Save It.

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